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Empowering Independence.

Our top-of-the-line mobility products are thoughtfully designed to promote independence, enhance mobility and improve the quality of life for seniors and individuals with mobility issues.

Experience Unmatched Freedom
with Our Mobility Solutions

Experience Unmatched Freedom with Our Mobility Solutions

Get Back to Your Life

Rediscover the joy of effortless movement; with our mobility solutions, it's not just about getting from point A to B, it's about getting back your life.

Excellent Quality of Life

Embrace the power of seamless mobility and witness your quality of life soar to unimaginable heights!

Experience Independence Like Never Before

Experience unmatched independence with our mobility solutions

We spread love to make living easy and happy.

Driven by a passion for innovation and an unwavering commitment to our community, we spread love through our mobility solutions, making each day easier and brighter, ensuring every journey adds a touch of happiness to your life.

Mobility Scooters

Cruise through life with our mobility scooters, offering freedom, agility, and empowerment on every ride.


Navigate your home with ease; our stairlifts combine safety and style for seamless accessibility.

Accessible Bath Systems

Dive into comfort and safety; our accessible bath systems redefine bathing experiences for everyone.

Lift Chairs

Rise with confidence; our lift chairs provide the perfect blend of support and elegance, making standing effortless.

Ceilings Track Lifts

Transcend mobility limits with our ceiling track lifts, designed for effortless overhead transfers with utmost safety and precision.

The Best Quality Products that
Won't Let You Down

The Best Quality Products that Won't Let You Down

Handpicked for reliability and excellence, our products are designed to stand by you, ensuring you’re supported in every stride and turn.

Mobility Assistance

Empowering your every move, our mobility assistance solutions guarantee you step forward with confidence and ease.

Accessibility Assistance

Crafting barrier-free spaces, our accessibility assistance ensures every corner of your world is within effortless reach.

Quality Gaurantee

Unwavering in our commitment, our quality guarantee ensures you receive nothing but the best, every time.

Hear from Our Satisfied Customers

Julia Saunders
Julia Saunders
I was in town for the week, and the rubber casing popped off my caster wheel. They managed to squeeze me into their schedule, and their technician was able to fix the wheel that two other places said had to be replaced. I couldn’t be more thankful. Having your only source of mobility break is so traumatizing—it leaves you completely stranded and dependent on the kindness of whoever is closest—and the people at All In One Mobility really stepped up and saved my week. Definitely would recommend!
Chieh Yang
Chieh Yang
Jody and Isais came over to our house to fix our lifting chair, they were so nice and professional. Thank you for your excellent service.
Pam Kelley
Pam Kelley
We've shopped here twice for walkers for my mom and have experienced superb customer service each time. Christina is very knowledgeable and helpful in finding the best mobility solution. Plus you are greeted by the cutest dog and offered free popcorn!
I appreciate the good selection of lift chairs and mobility scooters in store, and the good maintenance and repair services I have received.
Michael Angelechio
Michael Angelechio
Finally convinced my grandmother to get a lift chair and went here as I had heard about them from a friend. Was greeted with smiling eyes and a warm attitude (seemingly uncommon these days). After explaining what my situation was they presented options and made it easy. After talking to the family we made a choice and braced for what we assumed would be a months long lead time between the supply chain crisis and labor shortage. Not here. After coordinating what worked for grandma we scheduled a day just shy of two weeks out. Delivery team showed up on time, also friendly, efficient and mostly patient with the elderly. Could not recommend this company more.
Marty Hahn
Marty Hahn
Bought two four wheel scooters from them. Sales woman was pleasant and knowable Pleasure to do business with! By the time we were finished with our Purchase it was nearly the closing time of this business, yet we never felt rushed to be on our way even though it was Sunday evening! I'm sure we will do business again with this business when the need arises. Even though our initial experience with this company seemed to be favorable I need to update my review. After using our new scooters for a few Months we noticed that the screws holding the rear cover were not holding as they should. Upon inspection I learned the screws were placed into plastic which was breaking where the screw entered the rear cover. There was no way to tighten the screws since doing so would just break the cheap plastic further. By this time the rear cover was so loose it flopped around when in use. I was worried that the entire rear cover would break free so I called the seller and they asked us to bring the scooters back to them so they could see what was happening. We took the time to take them over to them 60 mile round trip. They agreed it was a poor design but would not fix it for us saying the manufacturer would not stand behind their product so nothing could be done. Not happy after spending over 2K with this company! Had no choice but to keep using the scooter since could not afford to replace even asked All in On Mobility if they would sell me a replacement at a discount and they would not!! Used the scooter until the rear shroud fell off and bought a better scooter from another company so avoid All in One Mobility since once they have your money they no longer will care for you!!
Joe Cooper
Joe Cooper
My wife broke her chair last night so big emergency to get it fixed. The people at the desk told me the tech was booked for the whole day. Well not their fault however the tech said he would have a look so he dropped what he was doing came in he fixed it. He even ordered the new Parts that woukd be needed to complete the job. He made sure it was safe to use which saved my life as I did not know what i^going to do. This place even charged way less then they could have. They are great And we will be using them from now on. Anybody that is unsure give them a call and a try you will not be sorry.
Robin Mova
Robin Mova
I have called All in One Mobility twice and every time they amaze me with their commitment to their customers. My mother uses a lift chair and they have provided excellent customer service and support. They go above and beyond when it comes to taking care of their clients. I highly recommend this company.

Most Popular Questions

Average life of a scooter or powerchair is appx. 5 years. 

Most scooters and powerchairs use deep cycle gel batteries and the average life of batteries is 12-18months.  Sometimes, longer depending on charging habits.  Lithium batteries have a suggested life span of 3+ years.

YES.  We service everything we sell in our store.  We service all major brands of mobility equipment.  Call us to find out if we service what you have!

Medicare (and all Insurance) is concerned with your mobility inside the home only.  If you cannot get around inside your home, it's possible Medicare and the contracted supplier will help. 

NO.  We are concerned with everyday life and how we can help keep you mobile.  Insurance is concerned with mobility inside the home only.

NO.  The state of Oregon requires a licensed elevator mechanic to install.  We take care of the permit, installation, inspection and service!

We do not sell any stairlift brands that allow self install. 

Once per year and new batteries are recommended every 2 years.

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